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Green roofs are an integral component of sustainable development in the arid West.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

EPA has issued new guidance for stormwater management

Green Infrastrucure and Green Roofs play a significant role:

Enesta Jones

December 8, 2009

EPA Releases Guidance to Help Federal Facilities Better Manage Stormwater

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued guidance to help federal agencies minimize the impact of federal development projects on nearby water bodies. The guidance is being issued in response to a change in law and an Executive Order signed by President Obama, which calls upon all federal agencies to lead by example to address a wide range of environmental issues, including stormwater runoff.

"EPA is proud to issue this new guidance to help federal facilities reduce stormwater pollution,” said Peter S. Silva, assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of Water. “By taking these steps to create more sustainable facilities, federal agencies can lead by example in reducing impacts in the local watershed.”

EPA worked closely with other federal agencies to develop this document, which provides background information, key definitions, case studies and guidance on meeting the new requirements of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.

Under the new requirements, federal agencies must minimize stormwater runoff from federal development projects to protect water resources. Federal agencies can comply using a variety of stormwater management practices often referred to as “green infrastructure” or “low impact development” practices, including reducing impervious surfaces, using vegetative practices, using porous pavements and installing green roofs.

EPA is using sustainable techniques for reducing the effects of stormwater runoff at its facilities, such as installing a 3,000 square foot green roof as well as using rain gardens and cisterns to capture and reuse stormwater.

Stormwater runoff in urban and suburban areas is one of the leading sources of water pollution in the United States. Runoff can cause increased flooding and erosion and more pollution to surface waters.

More information on the guidance:
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Thursday, November 5, 2009


check this out!!!! Paul Mankiewicz, Ph.D., Biologist/Plant Scientist of Gaia Soil ( a great green roof soil) contributes as well....This is fabulous! if you can't retrofit your roof you may be able to retrofit your truck!

TRUCK FARM - Episode 2 from Wicked Delicate Films on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The green roof at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver

This is Colorado's answer to Sedums. Who needs Sedums when you can have Physaria bellii, native to the Front Range.

The alliums work well in our dry climate. I know my colleague, Lisa does not like pink but how can you not like this color in early spring?

Green Roofs and the Climate Smart Loan Program

Exciting news...Green Roofs have been included in the draft for commercial eligible measures for Boulder County's Climate Smart Loan program. This means that commercial entities will have access to cash to help finance green roof construction and other energy efficiency measures. The residential program has been very successful already and the commercial application will go live in early 2010. Please see for more info.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Toronto! cities alive!

Mark and I headed to north to Toronto for the International Green Roof Congress with Cities Alive! below are a few pictures of the events, good cafes and green roofs. The last slide is beautiful intensive roof that was located at the sheraton center hotel where the congress was held. There were speakers from across the globe and many new exciting projects to keep our eyes out for.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Denver Justice Center

This is a new install as of this week with Sempergreen mats on the Denver Justice Center

"The 1st picture is of the smaller green roof on the 5th floor, the 2nd picture is the larger green roof on the 3rd floor.
The mats have a similar sedum pallet compared to the Steamboat residence green roof. (which is doing great).
It will be interesting to see how the mats respond to the Denver climate.
The substrate layer underneath is 4" minimum and at some places up to 6". The base of the green roof is a Hydrotech hot fluid applied membrane.

We installed 7500 sq ft of green roof between 9am and 1pm with 6 guys.
With the right amount of maintenance this should be a stellar green roof in Denver that hopefully will boost the industry here in Denver." Dick Bernauer, Sempergreen

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Green Roof in Steamboat

Some summer shots of this sedum mat green roof in Steamboat Springs. This roof was installed by Andy Creath of Green Roofs of Colorado on new construction private residence and was approximately 1300sq/ ft. This is an extensive green roof with only 3" of expanded shale soil mix underneath a semper green sedum mat. It was installed in late May . I was amazed at how much it has bloomed and how different it is in appearence with these 3-4" flowers. It exceeded my expectation in the aesthetics department as we were hoping to create a meadow type of feeling yet wanted instant coverage.... not to shabby!